Our scooter rental service includes a helmet for the driver, full risk insurance with excess, road assistance and unlimited KM.

You need to come with your passport or identity card, a credit/debit card to pay a security deposit and your driving license. To rent a scooter with Cooltra you must be in possession of a valid driving license and valid under the laws of the related country.


The minimal requirements for our rental points in Spain, Italy, France and Portugal are identified in a table below. The mentioned categories match with the official European driving license categories.

50cc scooter 125cc scooter 3-wheel scooter 400cc scooter + 400cc scooter QUAD
Spain Min. 18 years, B/AM driving license, B (more than 1 year of experience) Min. 18 years, A1/A or Min 21 years and  3 years of experience with B Min. 18 years, A1/A or 3+ years of experience with B Min. 18 years and A or A2 category driving license Min. 21 years and A category driving license Min. 21 years old, B driving license with 3+ years of experience
Italy Min. 18 years, B/AM driving license Min. 18 years, A1 (max 11KW), A2 (max 35KW), A or B (max 11KW) driving license Min. 18 years, A1/A or 3+ years of experience with B Min. 21 years and A or A2 category driving license Min. 21 years and A category driving license
France Min. 18 years, B/AM driving license Min 20 years and A category Min 20 years and A category Min 20 years and A category Min. 21 years and A category
Portugal Min. 18 years, B/AM driving license A1/A driving license or 25+ years old + B A1/A driving license or 25+ years old + B A or A2 category driving license Min. 21 years and A category

*Note: If your driver license is not from a country of the European Economic Union or from a country without convenience agreement with Spain (or other countries where Cooltra is present in), you need to have an international driving permit (IDP). Likewise, the valid documents are regulated by the law stated by the country where you are driving, not the document’s origin country.


Yes. You need to pay a security deposit for the scooter or motorbike. The deposit must be paid by credit or debit card. However, it will not be charged to your card unless there is any event that would require it.


The security deposit is 200€ for a scooter of Standard category, 350€ – for a category Plus, 750€ – for a Premium category,  1500€ – for a Super Premium category scooters. The security deposit must be paid by credit card and it will be reimbursed at the end of your rental contract. In France the security deposit is 300€ for a Standard models, 500€ for Plus category models, 1000€ for Premium category models, 1500€ for Super Premium category models and 1800€ for Adventure category models.

In destinations where electric bikes are available, the deposit will be 100€.


Yes. You can ride all our scooters with a passenger.  The passenger must wear a helmet, which has an additional cost.


No. It is absolutely prohibited to drive a scooter without a helmet on. Both, the driver and the passenger must wear a helmet even if it is a 50cc scooter.


You are covered by comprehensive insurance with excess. For any damage that may be caused to the motorcycle, or its theft, you have to pay the amount stated in the franchise contract. If you have contracted the extra coverage, you are covered in case of damage, but not in case of theft.

Extras and batteries/chargers (in case of electric vehicles) are NOT included in the coverage.

The insurance which is already included in the rental price covers third party damages. Additionally, it also includes road assistance inside specific radius outside the shop. The damages on the scooter or theft are covered with a excess from 600€ to 4000€, depending on scooter type. All the accessories (helmets, top case, GPS, gloves, lock etc.) are not covered by the insurance and are paid apart in case of loss or damage.


Yes. But you should consider the limits: the renter is not allowed to drive outside the city or on a highway with a 50cc scooter. With 125cc+ scooter the renter is allowed to drive outside the city. But remember that the road assistance service only covers the area of 100km radius outside the rental shop.


Yes. You can purchase an extra coverage in a case of damages or theft of the scooter.

Scooter type Basic Excess reduction Pack EXCELLENCE
Standard 50/125cc 600€ 0€
Plus 125cc /Electric 900€ 0€
Premium 400cc 1500€ N/A
Super Premium +400cc 2000€ N/A

Apart from excess reduction additional insurance has other benefits, such as coverage of wheel puncture, vehicle replacement in case of incident, possibility of booking cancellation, extended assistance (do you have a problem with your moto? We pay a taxi for you (max 50€) and others*.

*Extras and batteries/chargers (in the case of electric motorcycles) are NOT included in the coverage.

Yes, we do. In majority of destinations you can add extra Delivery / Pick up service and we will bring your scooter to the location which fits you the best.

Remember that the staff will only wait for your arrival about 20 minutes from the time selected in the reservation.

Our modification policy is as follows:

  • In order to modify your reservation, you need to contract the extra coverage (Excellence).
  • If you wish to modify your reservation, send an email to 24 hours in advance.
  • Modifications are not allowed with less than 24 hours’ notice.


Our cancellation policy is the following:

  • To cancel your reservation, you must add the extra coverege (Excellence)
  • To cancel a reservation you must send an email to with more than 24 hours prior to the pick-up date.
  • If the renter cancels his reservation more than 24 hours prior to the pick-up date, a refund of the paid amount will be made (100%)
  • If the renter cancels the reservation less than 24hours prior to the pick-up date, no refund will be made.


The renter has to inform the rental shop about any contract extensions in advance. Due to the contract conditions, Cooltra will charge 50€ fee and cost of extra time in case of late return without being informed. Moreover, it is illegal to drive with an expired rental contract. In case the renter would like to extend the contract it is necessary to inform the shop and to have an updated contract, which can be picked up from the shop or sent by email.


Unfortunately, no. Once started the rental the amount paid will not be refunded. We do not make money refunds if the renter returns the scooter (or/and extras) before the date and time mentioned in the contract.


Yes, you must refill the tank to the same level as it was at the pick-up. Any difference in the gasoline level will be charged according to the terms and conditions. No refund will be made in case of returning the scooter with extra gasoline.


To provide our services in as many locations as possible we have 3 types of rental points:

  • Cooltra shop: official shop which you can easily recognize by the Cooltra official logo, friendly team in blue t-shirts and where we provide the widest variety of scooter models, extras and services for your comfort.
  • Delivery point: a specific meeting point, where we do not have a shop but where our Cooltrastaff deliver and/or pick up your scooter at the exact date and time indicated in your reservation.
  • Partner shop: a shop of another company where we make sure to provide you same best scooters and best services possible in other destinations where we did not open an official Cooltra shop yet.


Yes. Cooltra offers the possibility of renting a scooter per months. This service is available in all the cities of Spain, Italy, France and Portugal in which we have an official Cooltra shop. The minimum rental period is one month, and the maximum is 60 months. Find more information about monthly scooter rental here.


Cooltra has 24/7 Customer Support team which you can contact by:

  • Sending email at
  • Chat on our web (in the right bottom corner)


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