Electrifying your corporate fleet
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The growing trend in the use of sustainable vehicles is promoting the progressive electrification of corporate and public administrations’ vehicle fleets. In Spain, this evolution has been driven by the Sustainable Mobility Law, which seeks to reduce the circulation of ICE cars and promote the acquisition of electric vehicles.

This movement is not limited to the use of private cars, as more and more companies are discovering the advantages of electrifying their fleet of vehicles. Both electric scooters and bikes continue to evolve and offer very competitive characteristics, the main one being cost savings.

Large companies such as Just Eat, Holaluz, and Wallbox are already heading in this direction. The Guardia Civil (Spanish military police) already has 157 100% zero-emission motorcycles in its fleet that will be made available to the Nature Protection Service (SEPRONA).

Do you know the advantages of having an electric fleet in your business?


7 reasons to use electric scooters

If you are in doubt about whether to electrify your fleet of company vehicles or not, read the reasons that we explain below:

1. Save money on trips

With fuel prices skyrocketing, and budgets increasingly tight, opting for electric vehicles helps to reduce employee travel costs. For example: an electric scooter can mean savings of €50-60 for every 1,000 kilometres.

2. Promote your brand through sustainability

Implementing a sustainable mobility model in your company can have a very positive impact on your market reputation with your customers. More and more people are deciding to support organisations that demonstrate their commitment to the environment through this sort of initiative.

3. Tour the city in complete autonomy

Electric vehicle batteries have improved significantly in recent years, so there is no need to worry about employees getting stranded on their journey. An electric scooter can now travel 300 kilometres on a single charge.

4. Experience a more pleasant and relaxing drive

Even if the purpose of the journey is for work, ensure a pleasant experience for your employees thanks to the comfortable ride of an electric scooter. Remember, they are silent…

5. Take advantage of subsidies and support to invest

The Government promotes the purchase of electric vehicles through, for example, the MOVES III Plan, which offers subsidies for both self-employed persons and companies of between €2,200 €4,000. There are also discounts available on tolls, parking, bonuses, etc.  

6. Enjoy an all-inclusive offer

With Cooltra’s rental scheme of two-wheeled electric vehicles, you can keep your budget under control as you can cover maintenance, insurance, helmets, and taxes, all in a single monthly payment. In addition, you will have access to a modern fleet to which you can add your desired accessories (GPS, thermal blanket, panniers…) and receive uninterrupted advice and assistance.

7. Recharge the scooters at any power socket

Another great advantage of electric scooters is that they do not need special plugs or voltages to recharge them. Most of them can be connected to a normal 220V socket. So there is no need to install special charging points if you don’t want to, although at Cooltra we provide you with all the infrastructure for the maintenance of your electric fleet.  


Electrify your fleet of vehicles with Cooltra

At Cooltra we know how important it is for organisations to find effective sustainable mobility solutions, as we have over 10 years of experience providing this service to companies and public administrations across seven European countries.

We offer a rental service that allows the rental of scooters or electric bicycles on a monthly basis, with the option to choose between different models without worrying about aspects such as insurance and other expenses, as everything is included in the monthly fee.

It is also possible to hire a Private Sharing service to enjoy a private and personalised fleet of vehicles (these can be branded with decals of your company logo). We also offer you a mobile app and our own geo-fence.

Do you want to take the step towards a sustainable mobility model for your company? Together we can contribute to improving air quality in cities, reducing global warming, and promoting a healthier lifestyle.



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