Price and promotions

Are there any additional charges?

Everything is included in your rate per minute (battery charge, insurance, helmets, maintenance…). However, there may be an additional charge sometimes, due to infractions committed by the user.

How and when do I pay?

When signing up with Cooltra, you must enter your credit or debit card details. Every time you will use the service, the system will automatically charge the amount to your card. 

When do the minutes start counting?

Minutes start counting from the moment you slide the ‘Start ride’ option on your app; the counting ends when you slide the ‘End ride’ option. You can check the details for each ride on the app by going to Menu > My rides. 

How much does it cost to use Cooltra?

You can check our updated prices in our website.

Is it true that if I bring a friend we both get 10 euros for free?

Indeed, for each friend you invite to Cooltra, we will reward you and your friend with 10 euros. He/she will receive his or her credit immediately, and you will receive it when your friend makes his or her first ride with us. 

To invite a friend, just log in to the app, select the ‘Free €10’ option in the side menu (the amount may change if we roll out special offers), and send your friend your personal referral code.

How do I use a free minutes bonus?

To enter a promotional code, access to the menu Account > Travel at the best price > Promotions = Redeem.