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Rise in the use of shared services in the last year
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An increasing number of private individuals are opting for sharing and electric vehicles.


In 2020, an increasing number of people opted for sustainable and cost-effective ways to travel. According to the report, European Shared Mobility Index, drawn up by Fluctuo, which studies the activity of different shared mobility operators in Europe, sharing has been a trailblazer in the industry for years. Sharing consists of renting a vehicle by minute or by hour, whether a motorcycle, a car, a bicycle or a kickscooter without having to worry about insurance and other fixed costs. Sharing also offers a more sustainable option to buy vehicles, given its shared nature, which contributes to alleviating traffic congestion.

This year’s October edition of the study, points out that the total number of registered sharing rides increased by 25% compared to the previous year. That’s more, in September 2021 alone, there were almost 2 million more rides than in the same period last year in Europe.

On top of this, there are currently 280,000 sharing vehicles in Europe, an increase of 4% compared to the month of June this year.


Revenue gains of approximately $261.71 billion by 2026

Private vehicle sales have fallen for the first time since 2012, and younger generations are less interested in buying one.

Buying a vehicle is no longer a priority for everyone. Owning a vehicle entails many fixed costs (maintenance, insurance, parking, etc.), whether it is used or not. Society is moving towards not wanting to pay for something that is not used; people want to invest in something that can offer them a service or that can be benefited from immediately.

Furthermore, the emergence of new technologies facilitating the combination of means of transport on the same journey, the growing supply and accessibility of this service thanks to mobile phones, will make it possible for ride-sharing to gain prominence as a key mode of travel in the coming years. What’s more, this line is gaining more and more ground in this industry which will further drive the expansion of the market in the following years since today almost 70.1% of the ride-sharing industry is still unexploited worldwide.

It also has massive economic potential and can lead to huge savings along with massive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, including traffic congestions and accidents.

Many companies are also leading this transition towards shared mobility, making it easier for their employees to use it as a COVID-19 prevention measure.


Do you know what different services Cooltra offers companies?

Cooltra has special tariffs for companies seeking to foster ride-sharing among their employees. Its 100% electric vehicles run 24/7 in the cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Lisbon, Rome, Milan and Paris. Apart from scooters, electric bicycles are also available in Barcelona.


  • Private Sharing, two-wheel vehicle fleets, keyless and connected to an app managed by the client, so that they can control end-user access. This is a leasing service combined with sharing technology.


  • Sharing for employees, a flexible service for companies, with which they pay a flat tariff per employee getting anywhere between 17 to 35 minutes of daily transport, depending on individual needs.


  • Sale of sharing credit in which the company offers the possibility to buy credit to use its service. This credit opens up a wide range of possibilities, for example as a mobility benefit for its employees or as a gift for its customers.



So, sharing is on the rise, becoming a new mobility solution for a large number of motorcycle and car users, who can therefore forget about the concept of ownership and opt for a pay-as-you-go model. 




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