Parking and fines

What happens if I commit a violation and receive a fine?

While using the vehicle, you are solely responsible for any violation committed from the moment you park until it is picked up by another user, including any fines resulting from incorrect parking. 

Our team will identify the responsible user, who will then receive the fine and handle it.

What do I do if I find a fine on the scooter?

If you find a fine upon arrival at the vehicle, don’t worry; keep it inside the top case/seat of the scooter. We, at Cooltra, keep a log of all rentals and can identify the user who has parked the scooter incorrectly and who must therefore pay the fine.

Where can I park the vehicle?

Although you can move around freely in your city, vehicle pick-up and parking areas are limited. This is the area that is shown in a lighter color on the app map. To end your ride, you must always park within the designated area. On the other hand, you have to take each city’s parking regulations into account. Users are solely responsible for correctly parking the vehicle they use and will be liable for any sanctions from the authorities resulting from improper use.