Our history
2006 - 2023

Cooltra was born in 2006 in Barcelona as a response to a need. Timo Buetefisch, CEO of the company, realized when he left his motorcycle one day in the workshop, that there was no rental service for days. That is how Cooltra began as a store with 50 rental mopeds and, and over time, it became a company trusted by individuals, companies and public administrations.


Throughout these years, Cooltra has promoted different business lines. Cooltra sharing, the largest mopedsharing in Europe, with a presence in 9 cities (Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Rome, Milan, Turin, Lisbon and Paris), which in 2020 extended also to the bikesharing service in Barcelona.


Cooltra Group, within the two business lines, has a fleet of 20,000 motorcycles –75% of which are electric – more than 600 electric bicycles and 400 employees spread over 7 countries who work daily to offer the best service, whatever the needs of the customers.