UPS Spain travels with 4 Cooltra electric scooters
por Alterego2 | 12/04/2021 | 0 comentarios

Cooltra Motos is happy to announce the beginning of commercial relationship with the courier company UPS, an international company and one of the most recognized brands in the world.

During the last week of November, the company received the first 4 electric scooters of the Govecs brand with autonomies vary between 80 and 100 kilometers per charge, equipped with high capacity tops cases (210L). This will allow UPS to perform the delivery of the goods in urban areas with efficiency and flexibility.

We thank UPS for its commitment to electric mobility, especially in such tricky moments for the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, which has experienced high levels of pollution in recent weeks, in some cases surpassing the maximum norm defined for the European Union. UPS, thanks to the Cooltra electric scooters, will continue its activity without damaging the standard of living of the citizens to whom they provide the services.

In addition, the company is benefiting from the high fuel savings. For every 5 € of gasoline consumption, electric scooters driven by UPS consumes only 0.5 € for the recharge during off-peak hours.

UPS joins the impressive list of traditional, urgent and last-mile courier companies, that already work with Cooltra Motos in Spain, France, Portugal and Italy relying on our service of renting. With this concept the company faces not only the first entry into the world of the benefits of the electric mobility but also all the advantages offered with the electric renting service.

Such big players as Uni Post, Just Eat, Burger King and also local Police of Sabadell, Lucena and Port of Barcelona already trust us for maintaining their fleets. The port Police are driving around with their 6 electric scooters of BMW C-Evolution model as an example of the sustainable mobility alive, which is a big step towards an ecologic city.

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