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6 Tips for Safe and Efficient Driving
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Recommendations for riding two-wheeled vehicles


Scooter and motorcycle drivers are the most vulnerable road users. To improve your safety when riding a motorcycle, it is important to follow a number of recommendations when it comes to your driving. These are a few of the tips that Cooltra considers essential  for riding one of our vehicles.


Tuned-up scooter

The first and most important tip is to always “tune-up” your scooter, by that we mean that it’s been serviced to guarantee a safe driving experience. Although, as you already know, we take care of all this! Our maintenance team regularly checks the general condition of the entire fleet, the pressure of the tires, the brakes, if the filters need to be changed, that the rear-view mirrors are in good condition, etc. We also always make sure it has passed the Spanish vehicle inspection test (ITV).


Necessary equipment

You must always, always, always have the right equipment. Anyone who rides a motorcycle should be aware of all the risks involved in driving a two-wheeled vehicle. The moment an accident occurs, it will always be less serious if you are wearing the right equipment. What equipment are we talking about? You should always wear a helmet, and clothing and footwear that covers as much of your body as possible. All these elements will protect you in the event of a fall.


Traffic rules

All drivers must respect the traffic rules to avoid unnecessary risks. You should always drive at the appropriate speed, which is currently 30 kilometres/hour on urban roads, and adapt the safety distance depending on the characteristics of the road and the weather, always respecting the traffic signs. Never consume alcohol and/or drugs since, in addition to being dangerous to you and those around you, the penalties can be very high.


Keep others in mind

As a fourth tip, you have to be aware of others, of other vehicles and of pedestrians around you. This is even more important on a scooter. If you drive slowly and are always alert, you can anticipate other people’s movements and react in time, thus avoiding unnecessary scares.


Good vision

We must not forget that motorcycle riders are vulnerable users among other cars, vans or trucks. To be an excellent driver it is crucial that you have good vision. Before starting your journey, check that you can see well and from a distance in order to be able to anticipate and react to an unforeseen event with enough time. Don’t forget to check your mirrors frequently, taking into account your blind spot if you are going to change lanes or make a turn.


Keep an eye out! You don’t make any noise

As a last tip, remember that electric scooters like the ones we offer at Cooltra, both for getting around the city by the minute or for renting for longer periods of time such as by the day or month, have one important characteristic: they don’t make any noise. The people around you are less aware of when you get close to them because they can’t hear you. Therefore, once again, we recommend driving at the speed limit on each road to avoid surprises.




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