Pizza Hut moves with electric in Majorca thanks to Cooltra
por Alterego2 | 09/04/2021 | 0 comentarios

The beginning of 2018 is full of good news, as Pizza Hut’s scooter fleet in Majorca is now also from Cooltra.

Being aware that the planet must be preserved, and that the municipality of Majorca is intensively promoting sustainable mobility, the huge pizza chain has relied on us to switch to electric mobility. In addition, they also agree with the fact that a scooter rental is the best option to cut unnecessary expenses and helps to do their job more efficiently. With our help, Pizza Hut employees will no longer have to worry about anything else but providing the best customer service, delivering quality pizzas much more quickly and safely.

Pizza Hut has opted for a scooter renting for business and, specifically, for 5 Askoll electric scooters for one of the stores in Majorca, which are lightweight and easy to handle vehicles. Experts say that this scooter is a good example of a suitable model for urban routes of different types with an autonomy that exceeds 100 km in Eco mode and is eligible for driving through the areas restricted to gasoline vehicles, the facts say that it is becoming in demand increasingly since many city councils are beginning to implement this type of restrictions.

In Cooltra we care about the satisfaction of all our customers and we will always be happy to offer you a service that covers your specific needs. If you are also the owner of a company which wants to join the electric mobility, do not hesitate to contact us because we have a solution for you.

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