These are the most common fines if you ride a motorbike in Spain
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Not wearing a helmet, driving without a licence or without insurance are the most common reasons for which you can be fined. But there are others that you may not be aware of.


Traffic rules are necessary to reduce all types of accidents. Do you know what the most common fines for motorcyclists in Spain are?


  • Driving a motorbike without having passed the specific training: 200 euros.
  • Driving without the vehicle having insurance in force to cover compulsory civil liability: between 650 euros and 1,250 euros.
  • Failure to wear an approved protective helmet: 200 euros and 3 points deducted from the driving licence. If the person not wearing the helmet is the passenger on the motorbike, no points will be deducted.
  • Driving with free exhaust and no blast silencer fitted or with an ineffective silencer: 200 euros.
  • Driving with children under 12 years of age as passengers (except for children over 7 years of age if the driver is their parent or guardian): 200 euros.
  • Failure to ride on the right-hand side of the road when pushing or pulling a motorbike: 80 euros.
  • Driving without having your driving licence on you: 10 euros, if it is out of date or if there is any incorrect information (including the postal address), 80 euros. So remember to renew your driving licence. In addition, if you drive a motorbike with a licence that does not entitle you to do so, the fine is 500 euros and 4 points on your licence.
  • Failure to obey a sign prohibiting entry for motorbikes, 80 euros.


In addition, in urban areas there are fines that may vary depending on the municipality. For example, if you park obstructing a pedestrian crossing, the fine is 200 euros. The same amount is payable if you park on a pavement that is no more than 3.5 metres wide. And remember not to do wheelies or skidding as the fine is 100 euros.

The best way to avoid all these penalties is to always respect the rules, to drive safely for your own sake and for the sake of those around you.

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