European millenials prefer Ibiza and Formentera
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Cooltra together with Hundredrooms, a global search engine for holiday accommodation, we have launched a study that represents the trends of the “scooter-accommodation” bundle while traveling to the Balearic Islands.

  • Spanish, Italian, German, French and English are the most willing to book accommodation and scooters.
  • In the Balearic Islands, the average duration for a scooter rental is 4 days
  • During summer period renting a scooter and accommodation has an average cost of 410 euros

Every year more and more travelers come to the islands, with Ibiza and Formentera as preferred destinations. Facing the threat of increasingly massive tourism, which destroys the local and aboriginal culture, the Balearic Islands are leaning towards offering unique experiences tailored to each traveler. Under this premise the new ways of welcoming tourists have a place to appear in order to make possible enjoying the holiday, feeling like a local, discovering the corners of the islands and respecting of them.

Millennials are the main target of these formulas. Young people are open to the new trends in collaborative consumption, obtaining a different travel experience, using new technologies to organize and save costs during their vacations. With this idea, companies such as Hundredrooms and Cooltra adapt to this type of travelers of the 21st century. For this reason, we have created this report in which we show that the trend of complementing holiday accommodation with transportation is an increasingly booming trend among the millennials who travel to the islands.

More than a half of the overnight stays are taking place in apartments or vacation homes

The Balearic Islands are the second most popular destination for European tourists. In particular, it reached 15,402,120 travelers during 2016, according to Statistical Institute of the Balearic Islands. The top nationalities are Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, and Italy.

An increase in apartment and vacation homes bookings also had a place to be with +55.6% of total overnight stays. Online accommodation bookings have increased by 30% in 2016, as well as a search of the information at travel websites which increased by 37% and by 34% in social networks.

Millennials do not want to feel like tourists but like locals

The search engine has verified that the young people who travel to the Balearic Islands are daring to do tourism on their own, looking for their own adventures and pleasures. Before they were buying the whole travel pack, now they want personal experiences and uniqueness.

Regarding the planning time, they prefer a last-minute organization, with less than 6 months in advance (55.9%), and even less than one month in advance (35.4%). The majority (44.9%) often uses an accommodation comparator like Hundredrooms, as it offers the possibility of saving up to 30% for the stay.

In fact, the price is a very important factor for the millennials who travel to the Balearics, followed by such factors as location and surroundings. Apartments and vacation homes are an increasingly booming option between millennials since they are looking for a different way of experiencing their destination. This is also the main reason why for the transportation they bet on two-wheel vehicles. A different and agile option that lets them reach where they want easily and fast.

Tourism on two wheels

  • During a high season (June-August) the scooter rental duration ranges between 4 and 6 days.
  • Formentera is one of the destinations where the tourist seeks for tranquility during the rest of the year, so from November to February the average rental is up to 8.5 days, and in December the average is 10.5 days, which is the highest index within the year.
  • September and October: while Ibiza nightclubs celebrate the closure of the season the rental period has an average summer rate: 4-6 days, the other islands such as Menorca the ratio drops down to a 3-day rental which is represented by weekend getaways.

First of all, it is a Spanish tourist who bets on mobility on two wheels when traveling to Formentera or Menorca, followed by Italians and Germans; Ibiza is a trendy destination for a scooter ride for Italians and German tourists are the main clients in Majorca. Closing this ranking, the English are less interested in scooter rentals but still, when they do, is to travel around Formentera or Majorca.

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