Cooltra summer 2018 campaign
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Cooltra!

Summer 2018 will be different, full of emotions and good vibrations. Let’s celebrate it together!




 Our commitment is to make your holidays the best experience you ever had. Close your eyes and think about this summer. No matter what you are going to do or who with are you going to be, get ready because you are going to remember this year as the most brilliant and funniest ever. The goal is: to have fun, enjoy all the little moments that make you feel good, act weird and limitless, share all these moments with the people you love the most, explore new places, live new adventure… Do you like all these feelings? Well, welcome to Cooltra, the place that can make these feelings come true.

Try the freedom of moving with no worries, feel the breeze on your face, warm your body with a hug of the person you love, try the joy of discovering new places, where no one else can go. The world is yours, the world of Cooltra. Come visit us in one of our 100 destinations in Europe. Personalize your booking and choose the best scooter rental service. This summer let us drive you into the best places. Welcome home, welcome to Cooltra.

Make your reservation in our website. Choose your destinations, your model, the dates you need the scooter and all the extra that you need.

Cooltra is #gettingyoueverywhere #summerlife

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