Cooltra delivers 4 electric scooters to Municipal Police of Sabadell
por Alterego2 | 09/04/2021 | 0 comentarios
  • Municipal Police of Sabadell supports sustainable mobility and relies on Cooltra for a renovating the fleet
  • The Police forces now have 4 BMW C-Evolution which will enhance the existing vehicle fleet

Cooltra delivered four electric motorcycles to Municipal Police forces of Sabadell. The event, which took place in Can Marcet of Sabadell, was attended by Councilman Luis Perranau, Police Inspector Joan Antoni Quesada, Deputy Inspector Pepita Llonch and the responsible for electric mobility and B2B in the Cooltra Group, Damián Martín.

This time Cooltra has won the tender for renting of four BMW motorcycles C-Evolution. The scooters are electric and have an engine equal to 125cc, autonomy of 100km – which allows them to provide services throughout the day – the battery charging time is only four hours.

It is one of the most best electric scooters on the market and is already used by several police forces in Catalonia, for example in Barcelona. “BMW is a brand of absolute guarantee within the world of mobility and this maxi-type electric scooter model fits the needs of the police in the best way” says Damián Martín, director of B2B and electric mobility of Cooltra Group adding that “We have fully equipped the scooters to fit the police vehicle fleet.” In addition, he concludes that, “these 4 scooters will allow the local police to do their job without damaging the environment “.

With this delivery of 4 police scooters to the Council of Sabadell starts the renovation of the police fleet which will also count on one electric, 6 gasoline and 2 hybrid cars. In the case of acquisition of Cooltra Motos, this rent-to-buy rental agreement ascends 111.503,92€.


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