Cooltra brings you to Area C of Milan!
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Since a few days ago, exactly since October 13th, the City Council launched new regulations in Area C in Milan, which prohibit the entry of gasoline vehicles to that area to protect the air quality and reduce traffic in the city center.

However, these restrictions are not applied on electric vehicles. Cooltra mission is to promote sustainable mobility on two wheels and for this we have thought of a special discount to encourage the use of electric motorcycles to all the users of conventional vehicles who need to enter the city center daily and, now, have lost this opportunity.

Area C of Milan conforms with the area restricted to the ZTL traffic of “Cerchia dei Bastioni”, and entering this area is prohibited to all the gasoline vehicles with petrol type of Euro 0 and diesel Euro 0,1,2,3,4 and without FAP.

Now the new rules are much more restrictive and from Monday to Friday prohibit the entrance to the city center to even more vehicles than before. For the rest of vehicles that are not within this restriction, but that are fueled by petrol, a fee must be paid for entering this zone.

However, there are no obstacles for electric vehicles, they have free access to the whole area without having to pay any kind of fee. The reason is that Milan wants to encourage the use and circulation of vehicles that respect the environment.

Cooltra has a spectacular fleet of electric vehicles and wants to help citizens of Milan to move freely around the city center and not only offering a discount of 120€ on the annual fee for the rental of an electric scooter.

Do not limit your daily life in Milan, choose Cooltra and one of its electric scooters. With Cooltra you will have the scooter maintenance, insurance and helmet included in the monthly fee, so you will not have to worry about anything but to enjoy driving in a safe and ecological way around the city.

For more information about the rental procedure, scooter models and other, do not hesitate to contact us via email at or by calling (+39) 0239820311.

Choose the freedom of moving anywhere anytime in a sustainable and eco-friendly way! Cooltra helps you do it.

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