Cooltra and City Life come together to facilitate the life of Erasmus students
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Cooltra and Citylife make the Erasmus students life easier and funnier!

Are you an Erasmus student in Madrid or Barcelona? Come visit us! Do you know that Cooltra and Citylife can make your stay even better, thanks to their service and offers?

Why Citylife?

When studying abroad, you may have many questions regarding housing, getting settled, activities and so on. That’s when you’ll need Citylife, a new friend who supports and helps you with everything to make your move to Madrid as friendly as possible.

Getting Settled Services

To help prepare you for your time abroad, Citylife has created several guides. Each guide will cover all information you should know and will answer all your problems so that you arrive in Madrid well prepared, ready to enjoy the city to the fullest.

The first guide is called “Before Arrival”, and it helps you to organize things before coming to Madrid. The “Housing Guide” is there to find your desired home in Madrid. The “Upon Arrival” guide will help you with important steps to complete upon arrival. The last guide is called “Madrid Essentials” and it will teach you everything there is to know about Madrid!

Accomodation in Madrid

Finding accommodation can be stressful but Citylife makes this matter easy through the “Housing Request Form”. You simply fill out your preferences (Budget, Neighbourhood, Shared flat, Time period, additional desires) through the form and it’ll be send to multiple housing agencies. After looking for a fit, they will send you an email with personal suggestions, matching your needs!

Other practical matters like a bank account, sim-card and information about the Spanish healthcare systems also have priority. Citylife helps you setting up a free bank account, through their website, and helps you to get a free sim card and to choose the plan that suits you best.

Moving around

Do you want to move around the city in the most economical, convenient, fast and fun way? Cooltra is the answer! We have a special offer for you: present your student card in a Cooltra shop in Madrid and get your 10% discount on a monthly scooter rental.

Live & Enjoy Services

Madrid is a city where boredom does not exist. There are thons of things to do, during day and night. Citylife offers all kind of social and cultural activities: salsa & bachata class, the “Karaoke Night”, the “Meet & Speak” night to meet new friends, and many others.

For most of you travelling is a hobby, that’s why Citylife is also a travel agency, taking you through Spain, Europe and even Morocco! You will find that these trips are relatively cheap, including accommodation and activities during the trip.

So, if you’re already studying in Madrid or planning to do that, keep in mind that Citylife and Cooltra are your friends. Use their services and become a part of their community.

Being a student in Madrid has never been so fun!

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