5 bike routes in Barcelona: how and where to get around the city without polluting
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We suggest five routes across the city which you can easily explore with Cooltra’s electric bikes (and without too much effort).

Cycling around the Catalan capital has never been so easy. There are bike lanes across the city, entire blocks have been ‘pacified’, and now you have a free-floating, 100% electric bike service that lets you get around easily on any terrain.

That’s right, now that Cooltra bikes have arrived in Barcelona, it is possible to go anywhere by bike without worrying too much about slopes and with the option of parking very close to your destination. You don’t even have to live in the city to use them, you just have to download the app and know how to ride a bike.

But where can I go with Cooltra’s bikes? Can I park them anywhere in the city? What happens if the street is uphill? We will answer these and other questions in this article.

1)From San Sebastián to Llevant: Route to the Mediterranean coast

One of the city best bike routes is the coastal route. Rediscover seven beaches from another perspective in less than 30 minutes and enjoy the pleasures of feeling the Mediterranean breeze on your face. There are many different ways to do this, but we recommend you take your bike near Hotel W and start with the route from San Sebastián beach. Facing the sea, just take a look to your left and you will see a bike path spanning the entire beach.

With this landscape of sand and sea you can ride to the other end of the city’s beaches until you reach the Forum or simply take a rest on Llevant beach. This bike path lets you do the whole journey along the sea, and you will only have to leave the beachside if you decide to visit the Forum, in which case you will have to follow the bike lane that goes near Ronda Litoral on the last stretch. The whole trip takes about 25 minutes, but we recommend you take it slowly and enjoy the ride.

2)Tour of Montjuic: Exercise and stunning views guaranteed

Start the ride at Plaza Espanya and head towards Montjuic hill. Pedal to the end of the wide boulevard that leads you to the most important building over the hill, the MNAC. You will feel the effect of the Montjuic slope on your legs, but the electric bike will help you stay on the road. The first stop is Poble Espanyol, a complex built for the 1929 Universal Expo which was supposed to be knocked down that same year. If you feel like taking a break and visiting this complex, you can chain your bike to a parking rack and enjoy the tour. Poble Espanyol features 117 full-scale buildings and more than 25 craftsmen who will show you a different side of Spanish culture.

If you continue along the route you will reach the Olympic Stadium, which was built for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. From there you can enjoy the views and an impressive sports and cultural center. Climb a little more and you will reach the Botanical Garden – 14 hectares of gardens scattered across the mountain, well worth your time and a few photos. To end the tour, we suggest you pedal to the top and visit Montjuic Castle. Finally, you can skirt the plain that encircles the castle, from which you can admire the port and the city coastline.

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3)Tour of the old town area along the Roman wall

You don’t have to be a tourist to discover new places in Barcelona’s old town area. You can explore the Gòtic district, the Raval and the Barceloneta from an entirely different perspective. There are many hidden gems in the Gòtic district you surely don’t know about, and you can see them while riding your bike or simply park on the outskirts of this historic district and explore the area on foot until you feel like pedalling again.

You may have seen Barcelona’s Roman wall a couple of times, but perhaps you didn’t know where you were or how important it is. Listed as a National Cultural Interest Site, the wall began to be built in the 1st century CE, but the remains you see today date back to the 3rd and 4th centuries CE. The Roman wall is thus almost 2000 years old; but although it is the largest monument in Barcelona, more than two-thirds of the wall remain hidden. To follow the full stretch of the wall you must start at Plaça Nova (behind the Cathedral), then ride along Avenida de la Catedral, Calle Tapineria, Plaça del Àngel, continue along Calle Sotstinent Navarro, Plaça del Traginers, Calle Correu Vell, Calle Hostal del Sol, Regomir, Gignàs, Avinyó, Bany Nous, and end the tour on Calle de la Palla.

4) Picnic spots in Barcelona

Ciutadella Park and Montjuic are perfect picnic spots, and you can get there comfortably by bike. But we would like to suggest a couple of new green areas for a different program in the city. So pack your bag with food, drinks and whatever you like, book one of Cooltra bikes, leave everything in the bike’s handy basket, and let’s go on a picnic!

Located in the upper part of the city (Avenida Diagonal, 706), Cervantes Park features large lawns, wide cycling lanes, and a slope that poses no challenge for anyone riding an electric bike. Landscaping design, monoliths, a rose garden… discover every corner and choose the best spot for your picnic.

The Maternitat gardens in Les Corts are perfect for outdoor meals; there are lots of trees and shaded areas, excellent for a refreshing summer meal. If you’d rather be close to the sea, Mar Bella park is a very special place for a nice picnic. It has extensive lawns in very good condition with plenty of trees to provide coolness and shade. There is also a skate park nearby, in case you want to do some tricks.

5)Commuting without polluting

You’ve probably been considering ditching your car or public transport and riding to work on a bike. But every time you set out to do it, you find new obstacles. Such obstacles usually include worrying about where to leave the bike while you’re at the office, the physical effort of pedalling, the cost of a new bike, where to store it at home… But with Cooltra bikes you don’t have to worry about any of these.

First of all, with a bikesharing service you don’t have to worry about where to leave the bike when arriving at work. If your office is located in the city of Barcelona, you will most likely have a bike rack to park it on arrival. Secondly, the effort of cycling is mitigated if you’re riding an electric bike; even if there are slopes or if it’s too hot, it’s much easier than pedalling a mechanical bike, so you can get to your office almost without sweating while also doing a little exercise.

So switching to electric bikes has more benefits than you thought. Download the eCooltra app, try them, and enjoy the freedom of getting around without polluting the city – with no strings attached and without too much effort.

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