6 plans to discover Turin by scooter
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Ciao, Torino! Cooltra arrives in Turin with the scootersharing service and… what a better way to get to know an Italian city than riding a scooter just like the locals do? Ride through its cobbled streets, enjoy its wonderful views of the Alps and discover its delicious cuisine with this little guide city guide.


Must-see places in Turin

We want to share with you six must-see spots on your scooter tour of Turin. Get ready, put on your helmet… and let’s ride!


1. The Royal Palace

Many people are unaware that Turin was the capital city of Italy between 1861 and 1865 and the seat of the Italian monarchy for many years. Proof of this is the Royal Palace, the heart of the Savoy court and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It is therefore one of the most important historical buildings in the city and is certainly worth a visit. The complex includes the Royal Palace, the armoury, the library, the gallery and the archaeological museum.  


2. The Egyptian Museum

It may seem strange to travel to Italy to see archaeological remains from another country, but the Egyptian Museum in Turin is the second largest museum in the world dedicated to Ancient Egypt after Cairo. So, if you are interested in this culture, you have to pay a visit.

In the grounds you will find four floors full of statues, sarcophagi, mummies and papyri. There is a total of 3,300 objects, including the Ramses II statue and the Temple of Ellesiya.


3. Via Roma

Via Roma is one of Turin’s main shopping areas and the ideal place if you want to go shopping or go for a nice stroll. As well as window shopping, don’t miss the beautiful arcades with marble columns that protect passers-by from the rain. Take the opportunity to enter the beautiful San Federico and Subalpina galleries.

Via Roma also links the central Piazza Castello with the historic Porta Nuova station and the famous Piazza San Carlo, so a visit to these key places in Turin is also recommended.


4. Mole Antonelliana

Continuing on your tour of Turin by scooter, we recommend you stop off at Mole Antonelliana. It is a very symbolic building, as it is visible from different points thanks to its large dome with a square base crowned with a small temple. For a long time it was the tallest building in the city.

Inside you’ll find the National Cinema Museum, which traces the history of filmmaking and reminds us that Turin is the birthplace of Italian cinema. It’s worth a visit, especially for the lift with transparent walls that will take you straight to the top of the dome, where you can enjoy unforgettable panoramic views.


5. Porta Palazzo Market

The Porta Palazzo Market is the largest open-air market in Europe. Spanning almost 50,000 square metres and boasting almost 1,000 stalls, have fun browsing through fruit, vegetables, cheese, clothes and just about anything else you can think of. Make the most of your chance to eat on the cheap and do some shopping.


6. Monte dei Cappuccini

If there’s one thing that makes Turin special, it’s the incredible views of the Alps that are always looming over the horizon. For a beautiful picture of the city, you must visit the Monte dei Cappuccini viewing point. The views are worth it at any time of day, but watching the sunset from here will be a something you’ll never forget. Aim to go on a clear day to get the best views over the rooftops of the city with the mountains in the background.

How to visit Turin with Cooltra

Turin is the third city in Italy where we now operate, after having successfully conquered Rome and Milan. We offer residents and visitors a fleet of 400 100% electric rental scooters available for use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Each vehicle has two helmets in sizes M and L for the rider and passenger. And because we know that Turin is a cold city, our scooters are equipped with thermal blanket in the winter months.

To rent electric scooters in Turin you just need to access the Cooltra app, register and book the service. If you already are an active Cooltra user in your home city, you only need to open the app from Turin and book the nearest scooter. 

With the opening of Turin, we now ride the streets of eight major European cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Lisbon, Paris, Rome and Milan. With Cooltra you can travel and discover new places in a clean and sustainable way.

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